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FAQ Shockwave Safe Xtras

Added on 4/4/2001



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Author: MediaMacros (website)

How can I package my custom Xtra for use in Shockwave?

To enable an Xtra to automatically download and install in Shockwave you need to have a Verisign certificate. This assures the user that you are not installing malicious software and gives them someone to track down if it is. ;)

You need to start by getting the Xtra Packaging Kit from Macromedia. The installer will walk you through the order process to purchase ($49) the kit and unpack it. Place the directory it creates in your Director Xtras folder.

Next go into the Packager folder and there will be a program to create a request key. Follow the on screen instructions and it will generate 3 files.

1. A public key
2. A private key
3. A certificate request

Next go to and fill out the form. Open the certificate request text file the packager created and paste the text into the box on the html page. One item to note. the form works on both browsers but currently you need to fill it out in Netscape to properly receive your key. According to Verisign this problem with Internet Explorer will be fixed by Jan 15, 2000 but Netscape is a good safe solution. if you receive a link to the key it was not correctly filled out. It will be mailed to you as an email attachment.

After you receive the final key from Verisign (48 hours to 1 week depending on verification of your company) you can create your package. The Xtra must be marked as Shockwave Safe as explained in the XDK. Open Director and run the Packager from the Xtras menu. You will need to order a copy of the packager for each platform to package both a Mac and PC version.

Once packaged, upload to your server and add the proper entries about file location to the Xtrainfo.ini file in the Director folder. Next time you start Director you should have the option of marking your package as "download if needed"



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