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DirectControl Xtra
Command Line Arguments, 3 State Buttons, and Limited Fields
PDF files on the fly
Prompt for Disk
Volume Behaviour (Buttons)
Deleting a range of frames
Hold for X seconds if no input is given
Lissajous Motion


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Active Companion Set / VB Script updated with OLE 4/4/2005 Not yet rated
ADO Xtra 1.11 4/17/2001
Adobe has posted official info in a new FAQ for Director 7/26/2006 Not yet rated
Adobe Site of the Day built in Director - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Piratize widget 6/11/2007 Not yet rated
Adobe Site of the Day is a Director MMORPG 4/25/2007 Not yet rated
Adobe to acquire Macromedia 4/18/2005 Not yet rated
Announcement: DirectTransition3D Xtra 2.0. 1/27/2003 Not yet rated
Announcing eCommerce Xtra 1.5 6/22/2004 Not yet rated
Announcing INM's Impressario Project Contest 2005 7/25/2005 Not yet rated
Announcing the winners of the 2005 INM Impressario Project Contest 10/6/2005 Not yet rated
Attend UCON 4/3/2001 Not yet rated
Battle of the Bull Game by MediaMacros and Multimedia Creative 10/22/2004 Not yet rated
Be the first to experience the Essential Pack for Director, a uniquely powerful publishing solution 10/18/2006 Not yet rated
Be the first to experience the revolution in multimedia database publication for Director 6/13/2006 Not yet rated
Buy INM's V12-DBE and get a free iPod shuffle 6/17/2005 Not yet rated
CD/DVD Burning Xtra Beta 4/20/2005 Not yet rated
Chrome Lib 4.0 has been released! 8/2/2006 Not yet rated
Competition to create a Shockwave 3D games environment 9/1/2005 Not yet rated
Desktop Xtra 1.2 released. 9/21/2002 Not yet rated
Desktop Xtra version 1.4 for Macromedia Director and Authorware released. 6/14/2004 Not yet rated
Devcon at a glance 11/5/2002 Not yet rated
Developers Mall from MediaMacros - Now Open 8/4/2004 Not yet rated
DirectImage Xtra 3.0 11/14/2002 Not yet rated
DirectInteraction Xtra. 1/27/2003 Not yet rated
Director 8.5 Released 4/24/2001 Not yet rated


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