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Review Buddy API Review

Added on 4/1/2001



Required Xtras:
Buddy API


Author: MediaMacros (website)

Buddy API is an Xtra/UCD for Director/Authorware that enables system level API calls for your projects. Buddy contains over 100 functions for both Mac and Windows that enable developers to Ö - get version information (OS, Windows, NT, QuickTime, etc) - read and write registry and ini files - get the type and speed of the processor - detect previous instances of your application - open, print, copy, delete files - control screensavers - disable task switching - install fonts - control other applications Öand much more. Buddy API opens the door for developers to control and set many system level settings, giving you full control over your projects

Buddy API may be one of the most complete Xtras on the Market. Packed with over 100 highly useful functions, Buddy API adds the capabilities to Director that many feel were long overdue. The Xtra/UCD is sold in 2 licenses, $80 for up to 7 functions in a project or $160 for an unlimited license. Unlike a lot of Xtras Buddy API can be licensed for an entire company and does not require you to purchase a separate copy for every member of your organization. For those that donít need many calls or just want to try the Xtra out, you can download Buddy API and use up to 2 functions absolutely free in every project.

Try Buddy API and it will quickly become and invaluable addition to your Xtra arsenal. Buddy is overall, very easy to use and implement and has very thorough documentation. Some more advanced calls will require you to keep the online help close at hand at first, but are fairly easy to understand and make even complex tasks like setting up registry entries or even building custom installers a snap.

With a huge user base and great technical support, Buddy API is the perfect Xtra for new users to start expanding their authoring possibilities, yet still enables functionality to keep advanced users excited with possibilities. There are a number of pre-built scripts and behaviors in the Mediamacros behavior database to get you started. If you havenít tried it before, download a copy today and see what you have been missing!



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