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Behavior VideoCodecCheck II

Added on 11/13/2001


behavior D7 D8 D8_5

Required Xtras:
Buddy API

This item has not yet been rated

Author: eldemir (website)

What this script does, is perform a check for a videocodec on a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.

--    VideoCodecCheck [ added DivX Codec & NT/2000/XP registry ] --
-- What this script does, is perform a check for a videocodec on a Windows 95/98/ME O.S...
-- BuddyAPI Xtra is used to read a string under 'System.ini'[drivers32] section,
-- all available videocodecs are listed here.If the proper string doesn't
-- exist,the "NotPresent" string is returned...
-- Other operating systems, NT, 2000 and XP read the registry
--     Kurt Koenig * Belgium                       8/2/2001
--     Modified by Emre Eldemir                  13/11/2001

property pVideoCodec, pThePath

on getpropertydescriptionlist me
  -- you can add your own videocodec to this list, then you also have to add
  -- the corresponding string from the [drivers32] section of the system.ini file
  -- to the 'case' statement in the 'on beginsprite' handler.
  -- for registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32
  desclist = [:]
  addprop desclist,  #pVideoCodec,[ #comment: "The videocodec to check for:", #format: #string, #range: [ "DivX [TM]","Cinepak [TM]", "Indeo [TM] R3.1", "Indeo [TM] R3.2",  "Indeo [TM] R4.1",  "Video 1",  "RLE",  "msh263 [M263]",  "msh261 [M261]", "Indeo video 5.04", "Etymonix MPEG2 video codec", "Fast AV Master video codec"], #default: "" ]
  addprop desclist,  #pThePath , [ #comment:  "the path (relative to the movie) to your videocodec installer :" , #format:  #string ,  #default: "" ]
  return desclist
end getpropertydescriptionlist

on getBehaviorDescription me
  return " VideoCodecCheck"&RETURN&" Check for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP"&RETURN&" Use this behavior in the first frame"&RETURN&" on a sprite or in the scriptchannel"&RETURN&" This behavior uses two functions"&RETURN&" from the buddyAPI xtra. the first"&RETURN&" reads a string in the system.ini file ,"&RETURN&" the second starts your videocodec's setup-"&RETURN&" program and pauses your Director movie"&RETURN&" in the meanwhile. I only used the codec's "&RETURN&" I found on my computer in this behavior."&RETURN&" it's not to difficult to add your desired"&RETURN&" codec to the 'getpropertydescriptionlist'"&RETURN&"   Kurt Koenig * Belgium"&RETURN&RETURN& "   Modified by   Emre Eldemir"
end getBehaviorDescription

on beginsprite
  -- IniString is the corresponding string from system.ini
  case pVideoCodec.string of
    "DivX [TM]"                  : IniString = "vidc.DIVX"
    "Cinepak [TM]"               : IniString = "vidc.CVID"
    "Indeo [TM] R3.1"            : IniString = "VIDC.IV31"
    "Indeo [TM] R3.2"            : IniString = "VIDC.IV32"
    "Indeo [TM] R4.1"            : IniString = "VIDC.IV41"
    "Video 1"                    : IniString = "vidc.MSVC"
    "RLE"                        : IniString = "VIDC.MRLE"
    "msh263 [M263]"              : IniString = "vidc.M263"
    "msh261 [M261]"              : IniString = "vidc.M261"
    "Indeo video 5.04"           : IniString = "VIDC.IV50"
    "Etymonix MPEG2 video codec" : IniString = "vidc.EM2V"
    "Fast AV Master video codec" : IniString = "vidc.mjpg"
  end case
  if baVersion("os") = "WinNT" OR baVersion("os") = "Win2000" then
    -- WinNT / Win2000 / XP
    -- if the baReadRegString function returns "NotPresent" it means that
    -- the string isn't found, (the codec isn't present)
    CodecInstalled =  baReadRegString( "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32", IniString, "NotPresent", "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" )
    -- Win95 / Win98
    -- if the baReadIni function returns "NotPresent" it means that
    -- the string isn't found, (the codec isn't present)
    CodecInstalled = baReadIni( "drivers32", IniString , "NotPresent", "System.ini" )
  end if
  --  and the baRunProgram function will start your setup program...
  if  CodecInstalled = "NotPresent" then
    baRunProgram( pThePath , "normal", true )
  end if
end beginsprite



36 South Court Sq
Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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