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FAQ Interface Colors in all palettes

Added on 4/3/2001



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Author: DejanCicic

How can I have interface colors in all my custom palettes?

How can I have interface colors in all my custom palettes?

One of the best way to have clear 8 bit graphics in all your projects is to create separate palette for your interface and to paste them in all your custom palettes. For that purposes the best tool is Fireworks 3.0.
Export all your images in gif format with 128 colors. Click on File>Export preview and set format to gif, palette to adaptive, number of colors to 128.
Then make separate file with all interface buttons for your project, name file “Interface” end export image in same format like “interface.gif”.
Import all images in director with 8 bit custom palette.
Each image will have own custom palette.
Find “interface” palette member and double click. Select all 128 colors and press control+C (copy to clipboard).
Open each custom palette. You can see that each image ocupies only first 128 colors of palette. The rest of them are black. Paste colors over last 128 black colors of each palette.
Then double click on one of them and select first 128 colors. Click on reserve colors button on palette window and select “selected colors”. Then open “interface.gif” member and remap to previous palette. Import all interface buttons and remap them to previous palette. Then you have to clear reserve from all colors.

This technique is perfect for backgrounds. If you need to have small size, clear, 8 bit background images than this is the right way to do it. Interface images will use same 128 colors from lower part of each custom palette.



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