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FAQ Sound does not play in Shockwave

Added on 4/3/2001



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Author: DeanUtian (website)

Why does Shockwave Audio not work when I make ashockwave movie?

Problem: I converted my wav file to SWA, imported it into Director in the normal way. It plays fine when I run it in Director, but when I create a shockwave from the Director movie, and play it in a Browser, the sound does not play.
Solution: Well, shockwave audio is a Xtra to Director, and therefore works in a different way to other sound. Xtras are add-ons to Director. They are not part of the core program, so require the Xtra file to accompany your Director file. The first problem with shockwave audio is that you don’t import SWA files in the normal ‘import’ way. To import a shockwave audio, select
Insert > Media Element > Shockwave audio…

A window will pop up, browse for your file and then click OK once you have found it. You will notice Director refers to your SWA file by its full path. What we are importing is the data for Director to play the SWA file, not the SWA file itself. The path tells Director where the audio file is. The SWA file will remain an external file so needs to accompany your shockwave file. This path must remain the same unless you place the SWA file in the same directory as your shockwave file (and htm file).

Now to place the sound in your movie, you don’t place the SWA cast member into the sound channel. Instead you put it into any available channel bellow the effects channels (channels 1 – 150). You may remember one of the options when inserting the SWA file was which sound channel to play the audio file. The default setting is ANY.



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