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Article Generic Countdown Timer

Added on 12/27/1999


D7 D8 Mac PC Shockwave

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Author: MediaMacros (website)

My company is producing a New Year's Event and I am trying to figure out a way to generate a six hour countdown into the new millennium. Does Director have any special capability of generating accurate countdowns

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Well, yes and no.  Director can handle time functions to accurately interface with a computer's system clock, but the countdown part requires a little lingo.  It isn't too terribly difficult to create a simple countdown timer to a specific date, but just for fun, lets make one we can reuse for anything.  To track the timer we will need a few things...

An "end date"

A set of field/text members to display the results

A field to show that we are either approaching the date and time or that we have already passed it

Lets start with the date.  Thanks to Director 7 we now have full access to the system's date functions.  Before Director 7 we had to rely on either the standard date functions, which could vary from country to country, or the use of a 3rd party Date/Time Xtra.  Now we have the systemDate property that can return the system's clock date in a set format...

put the systemDate
-- date( 1999, 12, 27 )

We can also create date objects the same way and do addition and subtraction routines on them...

put date(2000, 1, 1) - the systemDate
-- 10

Using these properties we can easily get the number of days until a specific event.  Time is a little trickier.  Director can return time in a number of formats.  We are interested in "the long time" as it returns hour, minute, seconds, and AM and PM info.  

put the long time
-- "1:20:57 PM"

Since this is a string we need to break each piece down with the item delimiter property and for the seconds use the first 2 characters of item 3 and the AM/PM info is the last 2 characters of item 3.

Now that we have that we start our subtraction routines to figure out how much longer we have to wait for the long awaited event.  We can start by basic subtraction. We start by doing the basics.  Waiting hour - current hour, waiting minute - current minute, etc.  Once we do this we need to then look at which ones are negative.  For example, if we are waiting for a time ending in 30 seconds, then what happens when the current time ends in 59 seconds.  To accomplish this we use the old 3rd grade math routine of "borrowing".  By taking 1 minute from the minutes group and converting to 60 seconds we end up with a positive number.  We subtract that minute and repeat with minutes, hours and finally days.  Now all values should be accurate.  Using this collected information we can toss out a sendAllSprites command to all the fields to update their values.  

If we have passed the day we just do the same thing with the current date/time - the "waiting" date/time.  That's all there is to it.  Below is the code...

--Copyright 1999 Chuck Neal
--If you find this code helpful, send me an e-mail and let me know. :-)

property spriteNum, cYear, cMonth, cDay, cHour, cMin, cSec, whatItem

on getPropertyDescriptionList me
  p_list = [:]
  if [#field, #text].getOne(sprite(the currentSpriteNum).member.type) = 0 then
    --not a text or field member, use as the counter "base"
    p_list.addProp(#cYear, [#format : #integer, #comment : "Countdown year (in 4 digit format):", #default : 2000])
    p_list.addProp(#cMonth, [#format : #symbol, #comment : "Countdown month:", #default : #January, #range : [#January, #February, #March, #April, #May, #June, #July, #August, #September, #October, #November, #December]])
    p_list.addProp(#cDay, [#format : #integer, #comment : "Countdown Day:", #default : 1, #range : [#min : 1, #max : 31]])
    p_list.addProp(#cHour, [#format : #integer, #comment : "Countdown Hour:", #default : 0, #range : [#min : 0, #max : 23]])
    p_list.addProp(#cMin, [#format : #integer, #comment : "Countdown minute:", #default : 0, #range : [#min : 0, #max : 59]])
    p_list.addProp(#cSec, [#format : #integer, #comment : "Countdown second:", #default : 0, #range : [#min : 0, #max : 59]])
    p_list.addProp(#whatItem, [#format : #symbol, #comment : "What item is this?:", #default : #Master, #range : [#Master]])
    --is a field, which one?
    p_list.addProp(#whatItem, [#format : #symbol, #comment : "What item is this?:", #default : #Day, #range : [#Day, #Hour, #Min, #Second, #All, #UntilSince]])
  end if
  return p_list

on exitFrame me
  if whatItem = #master then
    --only run on the master control
    theMonth = [#January, #February, #March, #April, #May, #June, #July, #August, #September, #October, #November, #December].getOne(cMonth)
    theDays = date(cYear, theMonth, cDay) - the systemDate
    theTime = getTime()
    if theDays > 0 then
      --before the day
      beforeAfter = "before"
    else if theDays < 0 then
      --after the day
      beforeAfter = "after"
      --same day, dig deeper
      if theTime[1] > cHour then
        beforeAfter = "after"
      else if theTime[1] < cHour then
        beforeAfter = "before"
        --same hour, dig deeper
        if theTime[2] > cMin then
          beforeAfter = "after"
        else if theTime[2] < cMin then
          beforeAfter = "before"
          --same min, dig deeper
          if theTime[3] > cSec then
            beforeAfter = "after"
            beforeAfter = "before"
          end if
        end if
      end if
    end if
    timeList = getDate(me, theDays, theTime, beforeAfter)
    sendAllSprites(#updateCount, timeList, beforeAfter)
  end if

on updateCount me, timeList, beforeAfter
  case whatItem of
    #Day :
      sprite(spriteNum).member.text = string(timeList[1])
    #Hour :
      sprite(spriteNum).member.text = string(timeList[2])
    #Min :
      sprite(spriteNum).member.text = string(timeList[3])
    #Second :
      sprite(spriteNum).member.text = string(timeList[4])
    #All :
      sprite(spriteNum).member.text = timeList[1] && "," && timeList[2] & ":" & timeList[3] & ":" & timeList[4]
    #UntilSince :
      if beforeAfter = "after" then
        sprite(spriteNum).member.text = "Since"
        sprite(spriteNum).member.text = "Until"
      end if
  end case

on getTime me
  baseTime = the long time
  the itemDelimiter = ":"
  thisHour = integer(baseTime.item[1])
  thisMin = integer(baseTime.item[2])
  thisSec = integer(baseTime.item[3].char[1..2])
  numChars = baseTime.char.count
  amPm = baseTime.char[(numchars - 1)..numChars]
  if amPm = "pm" then
    if thisHour < 12 then
      thisHour = thisHour + 12
    end if
    if thisHour = 12 then
      thisHour = 0
    end if
  end if
  return [thisHour, thisMin, thisSec]

on getDate me, theDays, theTime, beforeAfter
  if beforeAfter = "before" then
    theSec = cSec - theTime[3]
    theMin = cMin - theTime[2]
    theHour = cHour - theTime[1]
    theSec =theTime[3] - cSec
    theMin = theTime[2] - cMin
    theHour = theTime[1] - cHour
  end if
  if theSec < 0 then
    --wrap around and borrow from the minutes
    theSec = theSec + 60
    tOffset = 1
    tOffset = 0
  end if
  theMin = theMin - tOffset
  if theMin < 0 then
    --wrap around and borrow from hours
    theMin = theMin + 60
    tOffset = 1
    tOffset = 0
  end if
  theHour = theHour - tOffset
  if theHour < 0 then
    --wrap around and borrow from the days
    thehour = 24 + theHour
    tOffset = 1
    tOffset = 0
  end if
  theDays = theDays - tOffset
  return [theDays, theHour, theMin, theSec]

on getBehaviorDescription me
  describe = "This is a basic countdown behavior. Drop it on a non text/field member to set up the master timer and then drop it on each field/text member you want to use to display."
  describe = describe & return & "Once it passes the date it can turn a field from saying " & quote & "Until" & quote & " to one saying " & quote & "Since" & quote
  return describe

You can add your own custom output, or even have it trigger an animation, etc when the countdown reaches 0.  Just play with it and have fun.



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Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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