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Behavior Binary Convertor

Added on 1/8/2001


behavior D7 D8 Shockwave


Author: JaiGanesh

Create a text field and two buttons, one for coverting to binary and another for converting to original form.

--Logic for converting to Binary.

global charlist
-- list in which each character entered is stored as a seperate element.
global cnt
-- cnt to keep track of total caharacters entered into a text field.
global binlist
-- list which stores the binary value of each character.
global templist
-- list used for temporary storage.
global bin
-- flag set as soon as the entered text is converted to binary.
global dec
-- flag set as soon as the binary form is converted back to original.

property tempvar
-- variable used to store each character from the list during each repetion
of the loop.
property remd
-- remainder value during division.
property totchars
-- total number of values in the binlist.

on mouseUp
-- Mouseup on a button
   if bin = 0 then
    if the text of field "entext" = empty then
      alert "Please enter text"
      binlist = []
      templist = []
      charlist = []
      cnt = the number of chars of field "entext"
      repeat with i = 1 to cnt
        append charlist, chartonum(char i of field "entext")
      end repeat

      repeat with x = 1 to cnt
        tempvar = charlist[x]
        put tempvar
        repeat while tempvar > 1
          remd = tempvar mod 2
          append templist, remd
          put remd before field "remder"
          tempvar = tempvar / 2
        end repeat
     -- The field "remder" is used to temporarily store the binary values
during processing.
        put tempvar before field "remder"
        templist = []
        templist[x] = the text of field "remder"
        append binlist, templist[x]
        put binlist
        set the text of field "remder" to empty
      end repeat
      set the text of field "entext" to empty
      totchars = count(binlist)
      repeat with s = 1 to totchars
        put binlist[s] after field "entext"
      end repeat
      bin = 1
      dec = 0
    end if
  end if


--Conversion from Binary to Original text

global binlist
global sumtot
-- variable used to calculate the sum total of power values.
global expo
-- variable used to store successive exponential values.
global bin
global dec

property tch
-- total number of characters in the binlist.
property tchars
-- total number of characters stored in the temporary field "bintext"
property t

on mouseUp
  if dec = 0 then
    tch = count(binlist)
    set the text of field "entext" to empty
    repeat with x = 1 to tch
      put binlist[x] into field "bintext"
      tchars = the number of chars of field "bintext"
      repeat with y = tchars down to 1
        t = value(char y of field "bintext") * (power(2,expo))
        sumtot = sumtot + t
        expo = expo + 1
      end repeat
      put numtochar(integer(sumtot)) after field "entext"
      sumtot = 0
      expo = 0
    end repeat
    dec = 1
    bin = 0
  end if



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Newnan, GA 30263

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