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Xtra Direct TTS (Text to speech)

Added on 10/26/2000


Mac PC

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Author: DirectXtras (website)

DirectTTS is a cross-platform, easy to use Scripting Xtra for Macromedia Director, Authorware and Shockwave that provides applications with the ability to talk by transforming text to speech.

Price: $349
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DirectTTS Xtra includes support for high-quality lip-synching, allowing the creation of guides, coaches, entertainers, and other types of assistants or specialists.

On Windows, the Xtra can use any Microsoft SAPI compliant TTS (Text-To-Speech) engine that is installed on the system, at any language, to produce speech, such as the Microsoft English TTS engine that is pre installed with Windows 2000, and which can be freely distributed along with applications developed with DirectTTS Xtra.

On MacOS, the Xtra can use any Speech Manager compatible TTS engine that is installed on the system, at any language, to produce speech, such as Apple PlainTalk TTS engines that are distributed along with the MacOS.

DirectTTS Xtra is available for Director 5 and above, Authorware 4 and above, and is compatible with Windows 2000, 9X, NT and MacOS (PPC).

DirectTTS Xtra is Shockwave safe, so it can also be used with Shockwave 7 or later and when safety features in Director are turned on.

An auto downloadable Shockwave safe package of DirectTTS Xtra is also available. It is a compressed, small sized (about 20K) version of the Xtra, that can be downloaded automatically from a web site to the user's local machine whenever needed, and once installed provides Shockwave applications on the web with the ability to talk.



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