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Behavior Move sprite along mouse vector Behavior

Added on 4/29/2000


behavior D7 D8 Mac PC Shockwave

This item has not yet been rated

Author: DirkEismann

Moves any sprite(s) relative to the "mousevector" (the x/y change of the mouseLoc measured each frame)

-- Move sprite along mouse vector Behavior
-- 28-04-2000, by dirk eismann
-- feel free to use it in your projects
-- please send me a line if you modify it in a way that enhances its functionality

property pSprite
property pLoc
property pVector
property pEndLoc
property pStartLoc
property pStop

on beginSprite me
  -- sprite reference
  pSprite = sprite(me.spritenum)
  -- sprite position reference
  pLoc = pSprite.locH
  -- for calculating the mouse movement
  pStartLoc = the mouseLoc
  pEndLoc = pStartLoc
  -- current vector
  pVector = point(0,0)
end beginSprite

on prepareFrame me
  -- store the current mouse position
  pStartLoc = the mouseLoc
end prepareFrame

on exitFrame me
  -- as soon as the mouse stops, store the new position
  if the lastRoll > 4 then
    pEndLoc = the mouseLoc
  end if
  if pStartLoc <> pEndLoc then
    pVector = pStartLoc - pEndLoc
    -- because the sprite may behave strange if the movement is minimal
    -- the vector is set to 0,0 if one component"s value is 1 or less
    if pVector[1].abs <= 1 and pVector[2].abs <= 1 then
      pVector = point(0,0)
    end if
  end if
  pSprite.loc = pSprite.loc + pVector
  if pStop then
    -- if the sprite should stop immediately, set the vector back to 0,0
    pVector = point(0,0)  
  end if
end exitFrame

on getPropertyDescriptionList
  description = [:]
  description.addProp(#pStop,[#comment:"Stop movement if mouse stops movement:",#format:#boolean,#default:false])
  return description
end getPropertyDescriptionList

on getBehaviorDescription me
  descriptionText = ""
  put "Move sprite along mouse vector Behavior, 28-04-2000, by dirk eismann," & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "Drop on any sprite(s)." & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "Everytime the mouse position changes, the sprite"s position is" & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "updated relative to the new mouse position." & RETURN after descriptionText
  put RETURN after descriptionText
  put "There is currently one parameters that can be edited in" & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "the getPropertDescriptionList dialogue:" & RETURN after descriptionText
  put RETURN after descriptionText
  put "pStop: boolean value. If set to true, the sprite stops movement" & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "          when the mouse "sleeps". otherwise the sprite keeps" & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "          on moving until the mouse position changes." & RETURN after descriptionText
  put "---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" & RETURN after descriptionText
  return descriptionText
end getBehaviorDescription



36 South Court Sq
Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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