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Xtra Audio Xtra

Added on 6/23/1999


Mac PC

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Author: UpdateStage (website)

Audio Xtra records sound in Director, Authorware and Shockwave

Price: $299
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Audio Xtra records sound in Director, Authorware and Shockwave. It can record to external files, cast members or to memory. Audio Xtra initially records to WAV files on the PC and AIFF files on the Mac.After recording, it can convert recorded sound to AIFF, WAVE or AU format on either platform. Audio Xtra is Shockwave-safe and downloadable, which means that it will automatically install itself if it is not already present on the end-user's system.

Recording features include support for 8 or 16-bit recording and 11kHz through 44kHz sampling rates (all of these are available if the input device supports it). A recording may be stopped, paused and resumed at any point. Audio Xtra records and plays back sound asynchronously, meaning that animation, Lingo scripts and anything else in Director can run while a sound is being recorded.

Recorded sounds are automatically added to an internal playlist, where they can be easily managed by name. Sounds on the playlist can be played, exported to various file formats, converted to new cast members and plotted as graphic waveforms.The colorscheme, size and granularity of the plot graphic are fully customizeable. Sounds played by Audio Xtra report their current position in milliseconds, which is useful for synching animation or other events to particular points in the sound.

Audio Xtra includes several utility methods that smooth the recording process. A folder selection dialog prompts the user for a default location to store recorded files and load existing files for playback. Other utilities report free drive space and calculate the space needed for recording.



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