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Behavior 3D Rotation

Added on 6/10/1999


behavior D6_5 Mac PC

This item has not yet been rated

Author: MatthewGlubb

Rotates a sprite in 3 dimensional space around an axis leading from the mouse pointer to the origin created by Matthew Glubb, May 1997 I'm not to hot on optimisation (works like a dream with 1 bit graphics). I'm sure there"s a more efficient way of doing all those rotation handlers, any takers? Do I *really* need all those floats?

property x1,y1,z1,whichsprite,xAngle,yAngle,perp1,perp2,whichmember

--birth object, set coordinates, initialise settings.
on new me,x,y,z,channel
  set x1 = x
  set y1 = y
  set z1 = z
  --settings for perspective, change for different effects (try tying these values into mouse location for some wierdness).
  set perp1 = 275
  set perp2 = 350
  set whichsprite = channel
  set whichmember = the membernum of sprite whichsprite
  puppetsprite whichsprite, TRUE
  return me

--call this handler to rotate your sprite.
--rotate sprite based on mouse loc (xLoc, yLoc).
on hub me,xLoc,yLoc
  dorotation me,xLoc,yLoc
  workStageCoords me
end hub

on dorotation me,xLoc,yLoc
  set vectorX = xLoc
  set vectorY = yLoc
  set vectorZ = 100
  set xAngle = float(atan(vectorY / vectorZ))
  set yAngle = float(atan(vectorX / vectorZ))
  rotateXAxis me
end dorotation

--rotate onto x-axis
on rotateXAxis me
  set rXy = float(y1 * cos(xAngle)) - (z1 * sin(xAngle))
  set rXz = float(y1 * sin(xAngle)) + (z1 * cos(xAngle))
  set rXx = x1
  rotateYAxis me,rXx,rXy,rXz
end rotateXAxis

--rotate onto y-axis
on rotateYAxis me,rXx,rXy,rXz
  set rYz = float(rXz * cos(yAngle)) - (rXx * sin(yAngle))
  set rYx = float(rXz * sin(yAngle)) + (rXx * cos(yAngle))
  set rYy = rXy
  rotateZAxis me,rYx,rYy,rYz
end rotateYAxis

--rotate around z-axis
on rotateZAxis me,rYx,rYy,rYz
  --this value controls the rate of rotation.
  set angle = 0.075
  set rZx = float(rYx * cos(angle)) - (rYy * sin(angle))
  set rZy = float(rYx * sin(angle)) + (rYy * cos(angle))
  set rZz = rYz
  reRotateYAxis me,rZx,rZy,rZz
end rotateZAxis

--restore to y-axis
on reRotateYAxis me,rZx,rZy,rZz
  set yAngle = - yAngle
  set rYz = float(rZz * cos(yAngle)) - (rZx * sin(yAngle))
  set rYx = float(rZz * sin(yAngle)) + (rZx * cos(yAngle))
  set rYy = rZy
  reRotateXAxis me,rYx,rYy,rYz
end rotateYAxis

--restore to x-axis
on reRotateXAxis me,rYx,rYy,rYz
  set xAngle = - xAngle
  set y1 = float(rYy * cos(xAngle)) - (rYz * sin(xAngle))
  set z1 = float(rYy * sin(xAngle)) + (rYz * cos(xAngle))
  set x1 = rYx
end rotateXAxis

--calculate perspective (height & width) and stage location of sprite.
on workStageCoords me
  set provX = x1 * (perp1 / (z1 - perp2))
  set provY = y1 * (perp1 / (z1 - perp2))
  set the locH of sprite whichsprite = provX + ((the stageright - the stageleft) / 2)
  set the locV of sprite whichsprite = provY + ((the stagebottom - the stagetop) / 2)
                            --experiment with this figure for varying degrees of perspective.
                            set the width of sprite whichsprite = the width of member whichmember + (z1 / 8)
                            set the height of sprite whichsprite = the height of member whichmember + (z1 / 8)
end workStageCoords  



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