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Xtra simDirectShow Xtra

Added on 3/20/2007



This item has not yet been rated

Author: sim9108 (website)

DirectShow Support Xtra

Price: $500
Mediamacros makes no guarantees that this price is correct

Get the Xtra
new object me
-- Builder GraphFilter --
GRFLoad object me,string mPath
GRFSave object me,string mPath
ROTAdd object me
ROTRemove object me
FilterFromCLSIDAdd object me,string mCLSID, string mNickName
FilterFromCategoryAdd object me,string mCategoryName,string mFilterName, string mNickName
SourceFilterAdd object me,string mFilePath,string mNickName
FileRender object me,string mFilePath
PinRender object me,string mNickName, string mPinName
PinConnect object me,string mNickName1, string mPinName1,string mNickName2, string mPinName2
PinReconnect object me,string mNickName, string mPinName
PinDisconnect object me,string mNickName, string mPinName
GraphBuilderFilterNameList object me
PinNameList object me,string mNickName
CategoryNameList object me
FilterNameList object me,string mCategoryName

-- Interface --
InstanceNameList object me
InstanceInterface object me
CreateInstance object me, string mInterfaceName
CreateInstanceFromFilter object me, string mInterfaceName,string mNickName
CreateInstanceFromPin object me, string mInterfaceName,string mNickName,string mPinName

support Interface-
put =Xtra("simDirectShow").new().InstanceNameList()  
-- ["MediaControl", "VideoWindow", "MediaSeeking", "BasicAudio", "FileSourceFilter", "BasicVideo", "VMRFilterConfig", "VMRFilterConfig9", "FileSinkFilter2", "FullScreenVideoEx", "AMCrossbar", "AMCameraControl", "AMVideoProcAmp"]

-Interface Help-
put gXtra2.InstanceInterface()
-- "
-- MediaControl handlers --
Run object me
Stop object me
Pause object me
StopWhenReady object me
-- MediaControl property --
state --GET/SET

-- VideoWindow handlers --
SetWindowForeground object me,integer bFocus
-- VideoWindow Properties --
AutoShow  --GET/SET
BackgroundPalette --GET/SET
Caption --GET/SET
FullScreenMode --GET/SET
Height --GET/SET
Left --GET/SET
Width --GET/SET
Visible --GET/SET
WindowState --GET/SET
Owner --GET/SET
MessageDrain --GET/SET
HideCursor --GET/SET
WindowStyle --GET/SET
WindowStyleEx --GET/SET
WindowPosition --GET/SET
RestorePosition --GET
BorderColor  --GET/SET

-- MediaSeeking handlers --
-- MediaSeeking Properties --
Rate  --GET/SET
TimeFormat --GET/SET
CurrentPosition --GET/SET
Duration --GET/SET

-- BasicAudio handlers --
-- BasicAudio Properties --
Balance  --GET/SET
Volume --GET/SET

-- FileSourceFilter handlers --
-- FileSourceFilter Properties --
File  --GET/SET

-- BasicVideo handlers --
SetDefaultDestinationPosition object me
SetDefaultSourcePosition object me
IsUsingDefaultSource object me
-- BasicVideo Properties --
DestinationHeight  --GET/SET
DestinationLeft    --GET/SET
DestinationTop     --GET/SET
DestinationWidth   --GET/SET
SourceHeight       --GET/SET
SourceLeft         --GET/SET
SourceTop          --GET/SET
SourceWidth        --GET/SET
DestinationPosition   --GET/SET
SourcePosition        --GET/SET
VideoHeight        --GET
VideoWidth         --GET
BitErrorRate       --GET
BitRate            --GET
Image              --GET(notused)
AvgTimePerFrame    --GET

-- VMRFilterConfig handlers --
-- VMRFilterConfig Properties --
RenderingPrefs   --GET/SET
RenderingMode    --GET/SET
NumberOfStreams  --GET/SET

-- VMRFilterConfig9 handlers --
-- VMRFilterConfig9 Properties --
RenderingPrefs  --GET/SET
RenderingMode  --GET/SET
NumberOfStreams  --GET/SET

-- FileSinkFilter2 handlers --
-- FileSinkFilter2 Properties --
Mode --GET/SET
File  --GET/SET

-- FullScreenVideoEx handlers --
-- FullScreenVideoEx Properties --
CountModes    --GET
CurrentMode   --GET
ClipFactor    --GET/SET
MessageDrain  --GET/SET
Moniter       --GET/SET

-- AMCrossbar handlers --
GetPinCounts object me   --
Route object me,integer OutputPinIndex, integer InputPinIndex  --
CanRoute object me,integer OutputPinIndex, integer InputPinIndex  --
GetIsRoutedTo object me,integer OutputPinIndex  --
GetCrossbarPinInfo object me,integer bInput,integer PinIndex  --
-- AMCrossbar Properties --

-- AMCameraControl handlers --
GetRange object me,string property --
Get object me,string property --
Set object me,string property, integer value, integer flag --
-- AMCameraControl Properties --

-- AMVideoProcAmp handlers --
GetRange object me,string property --
Get object me,string property --
Set object me,string property, integer value, integer flag --
-- AMVideoProcAmp Properties --



36 South Court Sq
Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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