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Xtra simInetPro Xtra

Added on 2/28/2007


D8 D8_5 D9

This item has not yet been rated

Author: sim9108 (website)

HTTP - application/x-www-form-urlencoded Post Data -multipart/form-data Post Data - Get Data File download FTP -all function

Price: $300
Mediamacros makes no guarantees that this price is correct

Get the Xtra
-- "xtra SimInetPro
new object me
--EMAIL.          --
--TEL. 019-574-3652                 --
--PRICE.300,000Won  300$            --
--WOORI BANK. 282-053786-02-001     --
--VERSION. 1.0                      --
-- Msg Func    --
MsgStatus object me,string mMsgName--default:simInetPro_Status
MsgFtp object me,string mMsgName--default:simInetPro_Ftp
MsgHttp object me,string mMsgName--default:simInetPro_Http
-- HTTP Func    --
HTTPOpen object me,list AccessTypeList, string mProxyName, string mProxyBypass --ex) ["INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT"],"",""
HTTPConnect object me,string mServer,integer iPort,string mID, string mPW --ex)"",80,"",""
HTTPFieldAddText object me,string mFieldName, string mValue --ex)"ID","simmon"
HTTPFieldAddFile object me,string mFieldName, string mPath --ex)"ID","c: est.jpg"
HTTPFieldClear object me
HTTPRequestFileOpen object me, string mServerFile,string mMethod,list RequestFlagList --ex)"/test1.php","POST",["INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD","INTERNET_FLAG_NO_CACHE_WRITE"]
HTTPRequestSend object me,string mRemoteFullPath
HTTPResponseFile object me, string mLocalPath,string mRemoteFullPath
HTTPResponseBuffer object me,string mRemoteFullPath
HTTPSendANDResponseFile object me, string mLocalPath,string mRemoteFullPath --ex)"c: est.html" ""
HTTPSendANDResponseBuffer object me,string mRemoteFullPath
HTTPResponseQueryInfo object me,list QueryInfoLevelList,integer mIndex
HTTPLastCode object me
-- FTP Function --
FTPOpen object me,list AccessTypeList, string mProxyName, string mProxyBypass --ex) ["INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT"],"",""
FTPConnect object me,string mServer,integer iPort,string mID, string mPW,integer bPassive --ex)"",21,"id","pw",true
FTPRequestWriteFileOpen object me, string mRemoteFile
FTPRequestSend object me,string mLocalFilePath, string mRemoteFile
FTPRequestReadFileOpen object me, string mRemoteFile --return filesize
FTPResponseWrite object me,integer mFileSize,string mLocalPath,string mRemoteFullPath
FTPDirectoryMake object me,string mFolderName
FTPDirectorySet object me, string mFolderName
FTPDirectoryGet object me
FTPFileRename object me, string mExistName, string mNewName
FTPFileDelete object me, string mExistFileName
FTPResponseLastInfo object me
FTPFTPFileFind object me,string mSearchMask --ex)"*.*"
FTPDirectoryDelete object me,string mFolderExistName
FTPDirectoryDeleteAll object me,string mFolderExistName
FTPFileDeleteAll object me,string mFolderExistName,string mSearchMask,integer bSubFolder
FTPFolderUpload object me,string mLocalFolderName
FTPFolderDownload object me,string mRemoteFolderName,string mLocalFolderName
FTPUpList object me, list LocalFolderList, list LocalFileList
FTPDownList object me, list RemoteFolderList, list RemoteFileList,string mLocalFolderName
FTPCommandNoDataConnection object me,string mCommadString
FTPCommandHandleClose object me
FTPCommandDataConnection object me,string mCommadString
FTPCommandResponseWrite object me,integer mFileSize,string mLocalFile,string mRemoteFile
FTPCommandRequestSend object me, string mLocalFilePath, string mRemoteFile



36 South Court Sq
Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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