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Tool IMS CharacterGenerator Studio

Added on 5/25/2004


behavior D8_5 D9 Parent Script Shockwave UK US

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Author: williambellfive (website)

The IMS CharacterGenerator StudioTM product is a companion multimedia-authoring product created specifically for Macromedia Director MX developers.

Download PC Source Go to the website at IMS CharacterGenerator Studio™ is a companion tool for Macromedia® Director® MX that allows developers to quickly and easily add animated 3D characters that synchronize facial and some body movements to your audio. The tool works in the authoring mode of Director® MX and publishes the resulting content directly to your movie; including Lingo scripts, models and audio. There is even an option to have the Score generated for you. And best of all, there are no additional Xtras™ to download for playback over the Web or from a CD-ROM. IMS CharacterGenerator Studio™ allows users to create talking characters from within the Director authoring environment by simply selecting a prerecorded sound file, analyzing the file and publishing directly to the active Director movie. The IMS voice-to-animation engine automatically creates the corresponding facial animation sequence for the character. The assets and Lingo code are automatically generated for the developer during the publishing process, so even nonprogrammers can benefit from this amazing technology. Sound files used in the application can be of a recorded human voice, or from a text-to-speech engine, in any language. IMS CharacterGenerator Studio™ includes stock character content, and additional characters can be obtained from the IMS web site. Users can also create custom characters with our companion product. (opens in new window)



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