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Software ==> FlashFere2.2 Available now !!

Added on 7/10/2003



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Author: goomoo (website)

FlashFere is a powerful tool to create attractive multimedia demos, tutorials, KIOSKs, games with Macromedia Flash. FlashFere gives you full control to many kinds of media files from .swf movie, such as avi, mpg, wav, mp3, midi, etc, and you can decide how FlashFere to do when media finishes. The media files can be embedded or linked external to the final .exe file. FlashFere has 3 sound channels, you can play background music and human sound in individual channels. With simple commands, you can set screen resolution, shutdown the computer, operate registry, read/write any part of a text file, present your demo in a strange window shaped by an image, specify any area to drag the window. You can set FlashFere's actions at a certain time or after a certain while from system idles. You can cusomize the popup menu, you can also create gorgeous unique-style popup menu in Flash. .... Please see the tutorials and samples with the software to learn how easy and powerful FlashFere is. Download FlashFere 2.2 here: These are standalone demomstrations: >>>> NOTE: This demo will add a string value to your Registry at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWindowsGoomooxtx" , you can delete this item manually after you view the demo. If you dislike this, please don't run this demo. >>> NOTE: This demo will change your screen resulotion to 800*600 and restore it at exit, so on some computers perhaps there is a black screen when start the demo,don't worry about it, please.

Go to the website at (opens in new window)



36 South Court Sq
Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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