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Director News OS Control 2.0 Available

Added on 5/21/2003


D7 D8 D8_5 D9 Mac PC Shockwave

Required Xtras:
OS Control


Author: MediaMacros (website)

The OSControl Xtra allows you to create professional user interfaces using Macromedia Director by providing a range of sophisticated user interface controls (also called "widgets").

Read more on this website...
The OSControl Xtra
The OSControl Xtra allows you to create professional user interfaces using Macromedia Director by providing a range of sophisticated user interface controls (also called "widgets").

OSControl uses the operating system to draw the interface objects using system settings for fonts and colour schemes so that your user interface always looks right on both Macintosh and Windows.

OSControl user interface components include buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, menus, popup menus (or dropdown list-boxes), sliders, progress bars, multi-line static text fields, spin and tab controls.

OSControl Xtra version 2
The newly released version 2 of the popular OSControl Xtra includes a number of significant improvements and enhancements.

Support for native Windows XP controls
OSControl now fully supports native Windows XP controls giving your interface the look and feel of a true XP application when running on that platform.

OSmenus extended to support hierarchical menus
The OSmenu control now supports easy to create and manage hierarchical sub-menus.
A tab control giving you even more flexibility to build professional interface designs.
Improved Lingo control of OSmenus and OSpopupMenus
This is a significant enhancement on the ability to control OSmenus and OSpopupMenus directly from Lingo, providing more ways of setting and getting control properties to change the menu on fly.

Tighter integration between OSscrollbar sprites and text and field members
You can now tell your OSscrollbar which field or text member should be scrolled without having to explicitly adding behaviors to them.

Minor enhancements include:

New thumbnails that show more information on a particular member.
Each OScontrol member now has its own media type icon.
ShowProps() has been expanded to provide more information and methods.
Clicking an OSslider's track on MacOS X and Windows makes the thumb directly jump to the correct index
InitProps is now redundant. A completely new span-checking mechanism takes care of re-initialization of sprite properties.
OSmenu and OSpopupMenu sprites now support the "Click()" handler.
Verdict from the Director user community:
"If you have any extra cash in your software budget I would definitely buy this gem."
Chuck Neal (review published on MediaMacros website)
"I bought OSControl and it only takes a weekend to convert an entire existing app. The resulting user interface looks professional, is easy for users since it has native images, and works better than Macromedia's or my own behaviors. Absolutely invaluable."
Bruce Patterson
"I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!! :-))))"
"I'm pleasantly surprised to see all the controls having a totally new XP look on Win XP while keeping their old Win look on 98. It's really nice and impressive."
Emmanuel Beuque



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Newnan, GA 30263

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